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The hands-on training that I got in CYFI translated all the abstract knowledge I had gained about various topics into practical, real-life experiences.
I joined the Carrington Fellowship at a critical point in my life and I would not be able to tell the story of my life without mentioning the Carrington Fellowship Program. CYFI validated my passion.
The Carrington Fellowship was the first opportunity I had. It became the foundation structure through which I have accessed many other opportunities.
Carrington Fellowship was a goldmine for me; it was the beginning of everything good that made an impact in my life.
Communities are key for professional development. It is important that you belong to, understand, and leverage communities. Carrington Fellowship is a great Community to be part of.
CYFI prepared me for all the roles I have taken since completing my fellowship year in 2019. CYFI was the megaphone that announced my career.