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Who We Are


Our Vision

We envision a Nigeria that works for its young populace.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower our members and young Nigerians with proactive engagement, training, collaboration and networking opportunities that promote careers development, and build organizations, and drive active citizenry.

Who We Are

We are an empowered network of Nigerians driving high-impact engagement across sectors in Nigeria and across the globe. Our high-impact programs and engagements promote deep learning, systemic change and interactions with state, market and civil society stakeholders from the local to global community.

Our Corporate

Shared Values


All CYAFN members are worthy of respect, and have human rights which will be respected.


All CYFAN members will be included within the group and structure of the organisation.


Our activities and engagements with stakeholders are guided by a sense of devotion and support to our country, Nigeria.


We will explore collaboration with members, their organisations, and other relevant stakeholders whose mission and values align with those of CYFAN.

120 Fellows Inducted

40+ Projects Implemented

50+ Communities Reached

20,000+ Direct Beneficiaries

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