PVC Drive Campaign

Despite Nigeria’s growing population, election outcomes across the country in the last 10years have shown a persistent decline in the citizen’s participation, especially amongst women voters and contestants. For example, Lagos state has an estimated population of 20million with more than 65% adult population having recorded less than 10% voter participation in the 2019 election; a far cry from the 29% in 2015.

To achieve this goal, the following objectives will be achieved:

  • Drive women’s Permanent Voters Card (PVC) registration and understanding of electoral processes;
  • Host the inaugural Amb. Walter Carrington Annual Symposium to engage young people across Lagos state on women’s participation in political processes;
  • Reach one million women in Lagos with strategic messages of PVC registration, electoral processes, and political processes through active (traditional and social) media.

Permanent Voters’ Card Drive Campaign - #PVCdrive

The Permanent Voters’ Card Drive (#PVCdrive) Campaign aims to promote the participation of young people in the electoral process, especially in the coming national election in Nigeria. Our objective is to sensitize, educate and mobilize young people to register, get and use their PVC in the next elections.

Permanent Voters Card campaign drive for women - #PVC4Her

The Permanent Voters Card campaign drive for women (#PVC4Her) will directly reach 2,040 women across 20 communities in Lagos states with information on how to register, and get their Permanent Voters’ Card, and why they should vote and participate in electoral processes. Our goal is to promote gender equality through improved political participation of women across Lagos, especially in the upcoming election in Lagos.