Carrington Leadership Lab

The Carrington Leadership Lab is a learning and knowledge-sharing platform for young Nigerians to create and maximise opportunities.

The Carrington Leadership Lab is an initiative of the Carrington Fellowship Network that brings together young people to learn, share experiences, network, and engage in peer-to-peer mentorship. The Lab presents a credible platform for interaction among young people and key stakeholders, especially leaders in the private, public and other sectors. The aim is to empower young people to contribute to discourses that shape grassroot, national and global policies and practices that directly affect them. Previously, the Carrington Leadership Lab Series have hosted industry leaders in the political, consulting, fashion, and tech sectors for experience and knowledge sharing, mentorship, and economic opportunities. The next Carrington Leadership Lab Series, in partnership with Edoigiawerie & Company LP, will focus on the Nigerian Startup Bill, which is currently undergoing public hearing at the Nigerian

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