Carrington Fellows


Walter Carrington


The inspiration for the Carrington Fellowship program, former United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Walter Carrington, was a champion of civil liberties, democracy, and closer ties between the U.S. and Nigeria. This year, in commemoration of the 10th year anniversary of the CYFI program, we are glad to inaugurate the Ambassador Walter Carrington Annual Symposium.

Every year, the Ambassador Walter Carrington Annual Symposium will bring together members of the CYFI network, young Nigerians, and key stakeholders across Nigeria to discuss one of the ideals of Ambassador Walter Carrington: accessible health, inclusive education, civil liberties, sustainable environment, and economic empowerment.

The goal of this year’s symposium is to inform, engage and inspire young Nigerians to positive actions by showcasing the impact of the CYFI program, and creating a platform for peaceful youth-led engagement that promotes the ideals of good governance and democratic principles.

The Ambassador Walter Carrington Annual Symposium